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HY.P.E.'s vision is to help participants tap into their undiscovered potential by removing hurdles and expanding opportunities. This will position each participant to function and flourish in their community. H.Y.P.E.'s goal is to send successful participants back to their community equipped with the passion and skills necessary to inspire their family, neighbors, and leaders to pursue purpose and success.

H.Y.P.E.'s mission is to set youths and their families on a course that will allow them to acquire the skills, knowledge and resources needed to accomplish their God given destiny. We will accomplish this by providing tutoring programs, goal setting workshops, time management skills, mentors for youth and adults, workforce development training, life skills, internships, career shadowing opportunities and promoting and hosting amateur athletic events.

our Board:
David Magee, Jr.


Abraham Hamilton, III

Vice Chair

Atarah Sevier


David Magee, Sr.

Board Member

Wendy Magee

Board Member

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