Our programs

Youth Mentoring 

In a shift from the more traditional one-on-one techniques, H.Y.P.E. will utilize a “village mentoring” concept. We will work with faith-based and other community organizations who have been the foundation for community development and preservation. H.Y.P.E. will work with these organizations to identify and screen possible mentors. Afterwards mentees and mentors will participate in group activities. As needs arise the mentor who is best suited to meet the need will provide individualized mentorship to meet the need. 

Amateur Athletics

H.Y.P.E. utilizes amateur athletics to keep youth involved in pro-social activities. We currently have a men's basketball team that we sponsor in a local league here in the city. It has proven to be an effective method to keep in touch with participants who otherwise may not participate or would have sporadic attendance. Participating in team sports provide H.Y.P.E. the opportunity to develop comradely, team work, and other invaluable life skills. We currently are working to create additional opportunities in a variety of sports to appeal to different interest and hobbies.


HYPE LIFE Sessions

Never wake up again without an agenda to achieve your dream. Start your day with direction and purpose. These workshops are designed to hold you accountable to your goals by writing the vision, and consistent follow-up.

Time Management Workshops

What are you doing with your time? H.Y.P.E. offers time management workshops and individual sessions. 


Become a H.Y.P.E. Mentor or Partner

A H.Y.P.E.  mentor supervisor will track each participant and mentor's progress in reaching established goals and attendance. H.Y.P.E. will train each willing mentor on best practices, proper mentoring techniques, and organizational culture and values. 

H.Y.P.E. is always looking to partner with like-minded organizations to create opportunities for our participants. We would like to enhance their exposure to careers that they may not normally have access to or even known existed.

H.Y.P.E. Fit

H.Y.P.E FIT has partnered with Taylor UR Fitness to host youth workouts that includes body weight and compound toning exercises that will keep each student burning calories from head to toe while promoting and improving the growth and success of a healthy lifestyle. The goal of this program is to help each student succeed in a healthy lifestyle that consists of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. By achieving this goal, we desire for each student to cultivate a habit of self-discipline, through physical fitness, that may increase their health, academics, community duties, careers, peer relationships, physical and mental activities…etc. in a productive, and effective way. To learn more about Taylor UR Fitness, click below. 

Classes coming soon...